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ALS United Ohio Provides Funding for FNIH Initiative

AMP® ALS will create the largest open data platform for ALS research

We’re proud to announce that as members of ALS United, we are participating in the Accelerating Medicines Partnership (AMP) ALS Project, thanks to the generosity and unwavering commitment of our supporters here in Ohio, as well as across the entire United States. The AMP ALS Program is part of the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health’s (FNIH) Accelerating Medicines Partnership initiative.

AMP ALS highlights the role of collaboration between private and public organizations in advancing ALS research. With a disease as complex and confounding as ALS there is an increasing need for researchers to have a centralized body of knowledge and data to pull from.

Historically, ALS research has been segmented with minimal effort made to share information between research groups until results are made public. In addition to this lack of transparency, data gathered from clinical trials and research studies has never had a centralized storage method.

AMP ALS will create a cloud-based unified central platform for ALS knowledge and data sharing that researchers globally can accesses to help speed up their efforts. Furthermore, AMP ALS aims to use this comprehensive data to establish clear biomarkers that could aid in early diagnosis and treatment. Cloud-based global data sharing allows researchers to have the best data tools in their hands faster than ever before.

Not only is this project aiming to accelerate the rate of ALS therapy development, but it is also being guided by the experience of people with ALS and the ALS community at large. Funding for the AMP ALS project has come directly from ALS United and other likeminded nonprofit organizations. This allows for the voices of our patients and supporters to be amplified to a global scale and directly play a role in the development of a cutting-edge network that holds the key to a cure. The insight from those directly impacted by ALS is shaping the research focus and will continue to be a driver for where this project goes in its five-year term.

ALS United Ohio is extremely proud to have contributed to this project and looks forward to the success of AMP ALS in finding new treatments and ultimately cures for ALS.

To read the full FNIH press release and learn more about the AMP ALS program click here.

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