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Amylyx Pharmaceuticals Announces Results From Global Phase 3 Trial of Relyvrio for ALS

We are sad to share that the results from Amylyx Pharmaceutical’s top line data of their phase 3 clinical trial indicates that treatment with Relyvrio showed no better results than treatment with a placebo. The company will be sharing plans about the treatment in the next 8 weeks and may withdraw the drug from the market.

To the many people with ALS who have tried Relyvrio: the ALS United Ohio community shares your deep disappointment. We had all hoped for a positive result from the trial. There are two other FDA approved therapies for ALS available to all people living with ALS – Rilizole and Radicava. Speak with your ALS clinic team for information and guidance.

In the meantime, this inspires us to forge ahead and continue funding ALS research to bring new treatments through the clinical trial and FDA approval process. While today’s news is a setback, there are many therapies in study, and we remain hopeful for the future.

To learn more regarding the results of the phase 3 clinical trials, please read Amylyx’s release here:

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