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Celebrating the life of local ALS champion Adam F. Wilson

Adam F. Wilson had been living with ALS since his diagnosis in 2015. He quickly became one of the most tireless and effective advocates of ALS awareness and funding in our territory – with influence spreading across the country.

Adam’s passion was baseball. He put that passion to use by becoming instrumental in bringing a national Lou Gehrig Day to Major League Baseball. He poured his heart and soul into securing this annual and permanent attention for ALS and those living with it.

Since the time of his diagnosis, Adam raised $60,000 for ALS United Central & Southern Ohio (formerly The ALS Association Central & Southern Ohio Chapter) through the annual Walk ALS events.

Adam passed away on January 7, 2024. We join his family and friends to mourn his loss and celebrate his life.

He was interviewed often and did everything he could to promote ALS awareness. A notable article about Adam’s involvement with Lou Gehrig Day is linked below.

Our condolences are with Adam’s parents, his daughter, and his family and friends.

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