ALS Ohio Specialty License Plate

Show your support for ALS United Ohio with your special interest Ohio license plate!

This exclusive plate costs $35 above the regular fee; of that amount, $25 goes directly to ALS United Ohio to support people living with ALS.

Available through your local Ohio BMV or online at

 Symbolism of the Sunflower

Ohioan Shirley Schmelzle had a bold idea. She believed the fight against ALS deserved its own icon – a Sunflower – to raise awareness and concern about this ravaging disease with no cure.

Sunflowers stand tall, strong, and hopeful; admired for their beauty and unending quest to reach higher. Shirley noted they “grow in clusters and support each other as they grow, just as family, friends, and community offer support to those who live with ALS.”

Today, the sunflower graphic Shirley commissioned from artist Hayley Porst represents our confidence that we will one day defeat ALS. The symbol features a trio of sunflowers reaching upward toward the sun, evoking a sense of hope, grace, and dignity and to reflect the support those living with ALS receive from their team of supporters.

Sadly, Shirley lost her fight against ALS in 2016, but her Sunflower icon lives on, supporting the work of ALS United Ohio.