Medical Equipment Programs

People with ALS who live in our 55-county territory can borrow durable medical equipment (DME) and assistive technology from the Chapter, subject to availability, at no cost. In addition, many kinds of items that are not appropriate for reuse are purchased and delivered through our Convenience Item program.

Equipment Loan Program

ALS United Ohio understands that people living with ALS (PALS) may have extensive & expensive medical equipment needs. Our goal is to assist families by providing a temporary loan of a wide array of gently used, life enhancing equipment through our equipment loan centers. Equipment loans are available at no charge to any PALS who are registered with our organization. The equipment can be used for as long as needed.

PLEASE NOTE: Equipment safety is a priority. A recommendation by an MD or therapist is highly encouraged. Equipment will not be loaned out if it is deemed unsafe to do so. To avoid unnecessary injuries, PALS and their caregivers should receive training from a qualified therapist or medical professional on how to safely and properly use each piece of equipment. Families will be asked to sign an equipment loan form.

The following items for loan are based on availability:

  • Alternating Pressure Overlay Mattresses & Pumps
  • Bathtub Transfer Benches, standard and rolling shower chairs
  • Bed Rails
  • Commode safety rails
  • Communication Devices & Accessories
  • Cough Assist Devices
  • Deluxe Walkers with Seat and Handbrakes, standard aluminum walkers
  • Gait Belts
  • Hoyer Lifts with slings- (battery operated only)
  • Over the Bed Tables
  • Pivot Discs
  • Portable Ramps
  • Power Wheelchairs
  • Quad Canes
  • Reachers
  • Seat Assists
  • Suction Machines
  • Transfer boards (standard wood) & Beasy Boards
  • Wheelchairs: manual, transfer, power
  • Wheelchair Seat Cushions

If you are interested in borrowing equipment, please contact your Care Services Coordinator to check for availability and to arrange an appointment to meet at the nearest loan center.

Convenience Item Program

Some types of equipment are not provided on a loaned basis for sanitary reasons. In order to meet the needs of individuals requiring toileting or bath equipment, the organization established the Convenience Item Program for registered patients in our territory. Items in this program are purchased by the organtization and shipped directly to the patient's home. Convenience items are considered "single use" and are not returnable ALS United Ohio. Item requests may be limited due to funding availability. The following items are available through the program:


  • Drop-arm bedside commode with padded seat
  • Bariatric drop-arm commode
  • Raised toilet seat with arms
  • Elongated toilet seat with arms

Bath Equipment

  • Shower chair with back
  • Transfer tub bench with sliding seat
  • Transfer tub bench without sliding seat


  • Bed cane
  • Medaire Alternating Pressure Pump Pad (air mattress) - requires an order from a healthcare professional