Resources for Children and Teens

Children and teens have complex experiences and feelings when they have a parent or family member with ALS. Not only do they live with the illness in the home or within the family, but in many, if not most cases, they are actively involved in providing some measure of direct care for their family member with ALS. 

Kids with stuffed flamingos from backpacks

Backpack Program

This program is designed for children and teens who have a parent, grandparent, or loved one living with ALS. The backpacks are filled with age-appropriate resources and materials to help children understand and cope with the changes associated with ALS. The hope is for children to use these materials and resources either with family members or independently. This project is generously funded by The Spencer C. Stephens Flamingo Fund, a donor-advised fund in The Marion Community Foundation. Contact the organization office for more information (866) 273-2572 or tell your Care Services Coordinator if you have children or teens who could benefit.